Sports Programs

Registration and Payment Instructions

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Register players and activities:

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  • Enter Optimist in Organization and click ‘Search’.
  • Select from the returned list and click ‘Next’.
  • Enter the required information for each participant. Note this process needs to be completed separately for each participant.
  • Scroll down and click "Add Another Participant', or 'Done' if there are no more to add.

 Make a payment:

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Sports Registration Online February 15/23 to April 15/23  

Registration on some sports will close when limit is reached. 

U4 SOCCER Ages 18mon-3Yrs  

 Mondays 6:00pm-7:00pm Ed Barber Pitch. $75.00 per player 

                            MAX 140 players        Start: Mon. May 15/23 -July 10/23   


U7 SOCCER Ages 4, 5, 6,   

                        Tuesdays. 6:30pm - 7:30pm Ed Barber Pitch. $80 per player.  

 MAX 140 players Start: Mon. May 16/23-July 11/23 


U10 SOCCER Ages 7, 8, 9 

         Wednesdays. 6:30pm-7:30pm Ed Barber Pitch or Hugh Imeson Pitch. $80 per player. 

MAX 60 players     Start Wed. May 17/23-July 12/23    Finals Shamrock Festival July 22/23  


U13 SOCCER Ages 10,11,12 

                   Thursdays. 6:30-7:30pm Ed Barber & Hugh Imeson Pitch $80 per player. 

MAX 60 Players Start: Thur. May 18/23 - July 13/23. Finals Shamrock Festival  July 22/23 


U16 SOCCER Ages 13, 14,15    

                      Mondays.6:30pm-7:30pm Hugh Imeson Pitch. $80 per player. Start: May15/23-July 10/23   


T-BALL Ages 3-6 

             Saturday mornings 9am- 1pm $80 per player. Optimist Ball Field 

 MAX 80 Players Start: Sat. May 20/23 - July 15/23  


ROOKIE BALL Ages 7, 8, 9, 10 

                Mondays.  6pm-8pm $80 per player. Optimist Ball Field 

 MAX 60 players Start: Mon. May 15/23 - July 10/23. Finals Shamrock Festival July 22/23 


 MIXED BALL Pitching Machine Ages 11, 12, 13, 14. 

                    Tuesdays. MAX 36 players Start: Tues. May 16/23 – July 11/23 

                     Tues. 6:00-8:00pm depending on number of teams $80 per player Optimist Ball Field 


 GOLF LESSONS Ages 7-14 (Instruction) Start: Wed. May 24/23 to July 12/23   6pm & 7pm $110 per player.   

Wed 6pm ___ or 7pm___ (Choose time) MAX 10 players per hour for 8 weeks Quarry Golf Course 


TENNIS LESSONS Ages 7-14 (Instruction) Wed. May 24/23 to July 12/23 $100 per player. 

           Wed 6pm __ or 7pm__ (choose time) Max 16 players per hour for 8 weeks Optimist Tennis Court 


BALL HOCKEY   Please select   Skill Level House League____ Rep___   $90 per player. 

U11 Ages 7-10yrs Max 72 players Thursdays.  Start: Thur. May 18 to July 13 6pm or 7pm  

      Playoff Finals Shamrock Festival July 22/23 8am Start. 

U14 Ages 11-13yrs Max 48 players Tuesdays.  Start: Tues. May 16 to July 11/23  6pm ,7pm or 8pm      

  Playoff Finals Shamrock Festival July 22/23 8am Start. 

We are always looking for coaches to help us with our sport programs.